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    [Full Program](
    [Full Program]( #Welcome [Welcome Campbell Fitzpatrick]( #Keynote Speaker [Catchment salinity change management from a landholder and Landcare perspective in Central West NSW]( #River Management [Darren Baldwin]( [Using a water quality allowance to dilute salinity in the Lachlan River at Cowra]( [‘Watching the shop’ – a revised Basin Salinity Management approach to salinity accountability in dryland landscapes]( #State Salinity Presentations [The complexity of salinity management in catchments - a Lachlan Catchment perspective]( [Drowning the Myths: the impact of flooding on groundwater within the Gunbower Forest]( [Post-flood salinity impacts in South Australia: historical data and modelling]( [Current salinity issues in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin]( #BSM2030 Knowledge Priorities [Monitoring and modelling understorey evapotranspiration on a floodplain with heterogeneous vegetation cover]( [Water and salt transport at the Lower River Murray Floodplain during environmental watering, flooding and drying]( [Demonstrating and quantifying the significant benefits of collective salinity management in the Murray-Darling Basin]( [Launch of the Floodplain Processes Body of Knowledge website]( # Forum wrap up [Forum wrap up](